iPod touch

iPod touch

iPod touch

Engineered for maximum funness.
iPod Touch Facetime


Some things are just better explained face-to-face. Even when you’re miles apart. On the front of iPod touch is a built-in camera perfect for making FaceTime video calls.Your smile, your laugh, your gasps, your “sad panda” face, even what’s in front of you. Your friend sees it all, live and in full effect.

Amazing isight Camera

Amazing iSight camera

Picture your life and all its big,small and everything-in-between moments with a 5-megapixel iSight camers that also shoots 1080p HD video.The new panaroma features lets you capture your whole wide world. Advanced optics,tap to focus,an LED flash,and face detection give iPod touch serious point-and-shoot skills.

4 inch Retina Display

4-inch Retina display

iPod touch now has a bigger, 4-inch Retina display, so all your fun takes on a bigger size. Your hairpin car-racing turns, your dance party playlist, your favorite celeb gossip site — everything is sharp, vivid, and lifelike. And the new display is a perfect widescreen fit for your HD movies and TV shows because now you can watch them all without letterboxing.

Dual Core A5 Chip

Dual-core A5 chip

Your music, photos, and video — a.k.a. all the great stuff on your iPod touch — can stream wirelessly to an HDTV and speakers. A feature called AirPlay makes it happen. It works with AirPlay-enabled speakers or Apple TV on a Wi-Fi network.Just tap the AirPlay icon on iPod touch and blast some tracks, crack up over photos, or have a YouTube-a-thon. Big time.

Apple Earpods

All-new Apple EarPods

Introducing Apple EarPods. They look unlike anything you’ve seen, and sound unlike anything you’ve heard. They fit comfortably and stay put through all kinds of activity, from your impromptu dancing to your hard-core workout. And the audio quality of Apple EarPods is so incredible, they rival high-end headphones that cost hundreds of dollars more.

Music and Video

Music and Video

Every iPod is all about music. But iPod touch is about music and then some. It lets you tote around your entire music and video library for an instant fix of entertainment wherever you are.

Games and Apps

Games + Apps

Fast dual-core performance and sharp graphics make iPod touch the hands-down, thumbs-up, most popular portable gaming device in the world. The App Store features 700,000 apps — including over 100,000 games — many of which are free. Boredom, you just got served.



iOS is packed with over 200 new features to make the things do every dayeven easier.Facebook integration makes everything more Like-able. WIth Shared Photo Streams, you can share just the photos you want with just the people you choose.And Siri comes to iPod touch, ready to answer your questions about life,sushi, and last night's triple overtime